Why Enterprise Solutions ?

Enterprise solutions – Empowering your business and workforce

Enterprise solutions offer scalability and flexibility to businesses. It helps them keep their workforce always connected thus boosting productivity and reducing business complexities.

Enterprise solutions – To automate business operations

Enterprise solutions work as a central hub that controls all the sub-systems and applications of the business to ensure increased efficiency, productivity, and agility.

Enterprise solutions – To turn your business future-ready

Enterprise solutions are developed using cutting-edge technologies to let businesses meet the changing needs of the digital landscape.

Enterprise solutions we offer

  • Custom enterprise software development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Enterprise mobility services
  • Enterprise data management
  • Legacy app upgrade service

Here at OBIMI Developments, our team will help you design and build custom enterprise solutions that will automate user-centric workflows and organizational processes. Here we can help you either tweak your existing systems or build one from scratch.

Our experts at OBIMI Developments will build dynamic ERP solutions for your business that will help your business seamlessly take care of different resources and processes.

Our team of experts will design and build mobile apps for enterprises that will help their employees to stay connected with the system from any location. We implement necessary security features to make sure that there occur no incidents of data breaches.

Enterprises have tons of data to manage and it will not be an easy task. Our enterprise development solutions will help you have data management solutions that will help you get rid of data complexity using technology. Our team creates solutions that will help you analyze and visualize large chunks of data with ease.

Our team will start by reviewing your legacy apps and then migrate them to a better platform while improving its UI/UX and adding in necessary features along with security upgrades.

Our capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging the scope of AI with our technical knowledge, our team has been able to successfully build solutions that use AI technologies on daily basis. We have been able to address many business challenges by putting together machine learning and data science with artificial intelligence. We create excellent AI solutions that can reshape enterprise workflows by implementing simple AI models.


To help your business solution carry out secure transactions, we build blockchain applications that can get easily integrated into your current solutions. Right from implementing smart contracts to distributed ledgers, we take care of everything by building your solution on custom cryptocurrency platforms.


Our team will help you make the best out of the connected environment by delivering IoT solutions. Right from creating custom software solutions for smart devices to building largescale solutions to meet the needs of smart cities – we are capable to cover all your IoT-related needs.

Big Data

Here at OBIMI Developments, we develop big data solutions that will let you aggregate data from different sources and come up with actionable insights. Our solution will help your business with improved outcomes through quick decision-making.

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Enterprise solutions provider company

Enterprise solutions provider company

Here at OBIMI Developments, we focus on delivering industry-specific solutions to our clients that help them resolve their strategic challenges and operational inefficiencies. We offer scalable and flexible enterprise solutions that empower our clients’ businesses and transform them through enhanced operational efficiency. We offer a range of enterprise solutions by combining our expertise with the right IT infrastructure to streamline all enterprise processes into a single information system.

Our Process

Being a reputed enterprise solution development company, we believe in delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. We design and execute a strategic approach that will help us to develop dynamic and effective enterprise solutions.

Step 1 - Requirement analysis

This is the step where our team will meet up with all stakeholders together to come up with the project plan. It is at this step that the expected outcome from the project is discussed along with the effort and budget required. Along with that, challenges that can come along the way are discussed too.

Step 2 - Feasibility analysis

It is at this step the details of the project are discussed and confirmed by our team. This way every team member working on the project as well as the stakeholders will get a good idea about how the project will shape. Here our team will check project feasibility against different factors and will document everything.

Step 3 - Design

Based on the set scope of the project, software architecture is designed along with the different modules included in there. Our designing team will ensure that every small detail is included in the design process by following the document created in the above step.

Step 4 - Coding

In this step, our developers will start to code the deliverables set in the above step. They will start by developing the different modules of the project and finally integrate them together to get the final shape.

Step 5 - Testing

Once the project has been developed it is then passed on to our QA team to test it in the test environment. In the case of agile methodology, testing is carried out along with the development so that issues can be identified and resolved quickly.

Step 6 - Deployment

Our team will deploy your project once the software is found free from bugs and errors after testing. Bugs are fixed and errors are rectified before the product goes for deployment.

Step 7 - Maintenance

Once the project has been deployed, our team will provide a maintenance service to keep it running as expected. We will provide regular upgrades, updates, and security fixes to keep the project running seamlessly.

Hire a dedicated team
of enterprise solutions providers

Abacus Technologies has a dedicated team of experts who are capable of working on enterprise solutions of varying complexities and needs. Their years of experience and expertise in working on different IT technologies and strong infrastructure have made them capable of building enterprise solutions that help client businesses communicate, collaborate, and operate well.

With us, hiring the right team of enterprise solution providers is an easy job. We here offer different hiring models to choose from and this makes it easy to form a team of enterprise solution providers of your choice and expertise.

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Transparency & Flexibility

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24x7 Support

Certified Developers

Cost estimation of your product development project

There is no clear cost estimation for your product development project as it depends on many factors. Only analyzing them and setting up requirements accordingly will help you know the cost and timeline of your project. All you need to do is to contact our team to know the exact cost estimation for your product development project.

Dedicated Team

UX research, wireframing, and UI design meeting the latest market trends are resourced in this process.

Time-based Billing

The steps of web application development are segregated in small chunks and allotted a deadline.


In this step, the server deployment is done according to decided timeframes.


  • Q1. Do you offer round-the-clock support and maintenance service for the software??
  • Q2. How do you confirm the confidentiality of my project?
  • Q3. What process do you follow for developing enterprise solutions?
  • Q4. Why outsource enterprise solution development to OBIMI Developments?
  • Q5. I have got an idea, would like to verify it. How can you help me with this?

Yes. We believe in going the extra mile to help our clients have glitch-free software. However, if they face any issues our support team will be there to resolve your issues at the earliest.

We will sign NDA before starting the project and all sensitive project developments will be carried out in a disconnected environment to maintain its confidentiality.

We here follow agile methodologies to develop all your projects. We follow continuous research and ideation throughout the development lifecycle. We follow best development practices and ensure to deliver solutions that meet your expectations.

We generally follow an agile methodology for product development. However, it is the particular nature of the project that will decide in the end which methodology should we follow.

Some of the good reasons to outsource your enterprise solution development to us are:
• Cost-effective development
• Access to talented and skilled developers
• No overhead of operational costs
• Stay tuned with the latest technologies & trends